School supplies

Buy the best school accessories online in Assam. You can buy these accessories anytime, from the comfort of your home. Browse through our special collection of school accessories online and buy all the essentials like chalks, chalk boxes, erasers, rulers, pencils and pencil boxes. It is important for your child to carry all the school essentials without fail. So make sure your child’s bag is equipped with all the school essentials

Different types of school accessories

  • Geometry and Pencil Boxes

School is the best and the only place where your child learns, everything from basic life skills to high-end geometry. Buy your little one a full-fledged geometry box with all adequate accessories.

  • Lunch Bags

School is not just about academics and sports. So make sure you buy your child a stylish yet functional lunch box and pack delicious lunch in it. 

  • School Bags

From books to pencil boxes, to other school essentials are all carried in the school bag. And it is important for you to choose a school bag that’s sturdy and trendy.

Avail these school essentials rightly in Assam.

Buy School Accessories Online

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