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Buy the best quality flash ring lights online in Arunachal Pradesh. A perfect selfie depends on various factors such as your camera’s capacity, the setting, situation etc of all the following mentioned above, lighting is the most important one. Proper lighting is the reason behind making you look flawless. This is where a ring light is essential. A selfie ring light is a circular tool that features LED lighting. Most selfie lights boast a clip-on design. This design makes it easy for you to attach these lights with your cell phone. All you have to do is attach the light on your phone, switch it on and click a flawless selfie of yourself. Today, most social media influencers and stars are using this light for various purposes such as live telecasts, live chats, shooting videos, clicking selfies and more. In fact, these lights can also be used to click pictures of other objects, especially during low light situations. If you are planning to buy this product, then you can easily find a range of such lights online with us. So, go ahead and order a ring light for yourself today.

  • Lightweight and Pocket both are not just lightweight and portable but really affordable. The light is adjustable to an optional grip head or stand ; The pack includes: Ring light body, AC power cable, Smartphone mount, Hot Shoe mount, Carry bag and Instruction user manual
  • Button controls, Color temperature control & power button making it easier to operate.
  • Multi angle: With a 360 degree adjustable smartphone holder, you can angle vertically or horizontally without taking the phone out of the holder. For professional photographers, a hot shoe adapter included fits onto a standard accessory shoe on the stand.

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