If you are looking for cake moulds online in Andhra Pradesh then you can find a plethora of products made of different materials. However, here are some popular cake containers:

Aluminium Moulds

Our online store is riddled with fixed cake containers made of aluminium. These bake containers are akin to the traditional casts people used to bake cakes. There are various shapes for these products and you can also find cupcake trays, bread trays, heart-shaped containers, and so on.

Detachable Moulds

Detachable containers are made of aluminium but come with detachable bases. If you are new at baking, then such products are ideal for you.

Silicone Moulds

Silicone containers have become popular in recent years. These silicone bake containers are heat-safe and soft and can be moulded into different shapes, so you can easily make a rose-shaped cupcake or a star-shaped cupcake or more. These containers are easy to remove and detach from your finished product. 

Chocolate Moulds

These chocolate moulds come in different shapes and sizes and can be used to make delicious home-made chocolates in a plethora of designs and shapes. You can use other deeper containers to make flavoured chocolates where you can place dry fruits, butterscotch nuts, fruit-flavour jellies, and more in the centre of your chocolate.

The above-mentioned are a few types of moulds available with us in Andhra Pradesh

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