Buy the best hair straighteners online in Agartala. It is not just an accessory but should be seen as a true investment in personal care. With advancements in technology, ceramic and electric straighteners came into existence and were warmly received by customers. The evolution of straightener designs and formulation has increased to include features like adjustable temperature settings and steam option for incredibly silky hair.


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Here are the steps that you can follow to use straightener for hair

  1. Post shampooing, soak your hair with a soft towel. Then blow-dry it from roots to the tips before using a straightener.
  2. Then, apply a good heat protection spray or serums to protect your hair from the straightener device. This will help in preventing damage due to the heat coming from the straightener.
  3. Divide your hair into sections for uniformly setting them with a straightener.
  4. Refer to the usage manual for directions and set the temperature of straighteners. The temperature should depend on the length of your hair.
  5. Start straightening your hair from an inch above from the root. This will help in preventing hair from getting uprooted.
  6. Straighten one section of your hair at a time and then move on to the remaining ones.
  7. Finally, check for the hair that needs to be maintained and make final changes using the hand straightener

The hair straightener at home is not only for the lady. Men can use it too. Avail the best and premium quality hair straighteners in Agartala.

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