Buy the best hair dryers online in Agartala. Well styled Hair plays a major role in a person’s appearance and it is fun to style it in different ways to change up your look from time to time. Every individual who has ever had a fascination with styling their hair is familiar with this styling instrument. It is also a great tool that has been used for decades by women and men alike for the personal care and grooming of their hair.

A dryer is an electromechanical device which blows hot hair over damp hair to make the evaporation of water faster. This hair instrument mainly enables better control over the styling of the hair or its shape, by accelerating and controlling the formation of hydrogen bonds within each stand. The reason a dryer has been so successful is that these bonds are much stronger than the sulphur bonds that are formed even by permanent waving products.Today, we are going to cover common mistakes while using a blow dryer, so you can have better hair days, every day.


Even using the best dryer won’t help if you don’t use it in the correct way, so read on. 

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Pre Use Care

If you plan on exposing your hair to any kind of heat styling, you have to invest in caring for your tresses. If you have used hair colour, then this is likely to weaken the shaft, so regular use of a deep repair hair mask and a heat protective hair serum should be applied. 

Dripping Hair

A blow dryer should never be used on wet hair. Towel-dry your wet hair and then use your fingers to detangle the strands before going in with a brush and a hair dryer at the lowest setting.


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